Step into our welding shop and you’ll find the latest in tubular welding technology. Our orbital plasma arc welders deliver high strength, repeatability and significant cost savings over manual welding. Robotic welding allows us to do consistent automated welds with high levels of precision and accuracy. Our Tig and Certified Mig welders offer decades of proven experience and know how to solve the most challenging projects.

As a full-service, custom precision tube welding provider, we can also help you find opportunities to cut costs – from material procurement to warehousing.

Matrix Tube Service Offers:

  • Consistency, durability and repeatability
  • Tube preparation to ensure weld strength
  • Cost savings through automation
  • 100% standardized part inspection for Quality Assurance
  • Rapid production speeds
  • Courteous customer service


Orbital welding offers accurate, repeatable operation for exacting tolerances on tubular diameters up to 24″ OD at speeds that far exceed manual welding. Plasma arc welding capabilities range from ½ ” to 10″ OD.

Matrix Plasma Cold Wire Feed (PCWF) process is a high energy density process that offers several advantages over other welding technologies, including the ability to weld relatively thick materials in a single pass.

Our Panasonic robotic welding capability delivers repeatability and cost savings. Robotic welding can be programmed for a variety of projects – from simple welds for large volume orders or complex projects that require high levels of accuracy.