Cutting Equipment

Our rapid precision cutting equipment includes a Nishijimax NHC-150NB – a high-speed production cold saw designed for cut-to-length close tolerances and cost-effective cost-per-cuts. Our cutting capabilities allow us to:

  • Cut through solid 6” bar stock in just 28 seconds
  • Cut to a machined finish
  • Reduces 50 sec. operations down to 7 sec.
  • Handle sizes 1 ½” – 6” OD
  • Bundle loading 

Machining Equipment

We specialize in high-quality, precision machining using the most trusted equipment manufacturers in the industry. Our capabilities and equipment includes:

  • Mazak 450 KY and SL600
  • OKUMA and Mori Seiki
  • Haas VF6 4-axis mill
  • ½” to 14 ¾” OD
  • Lengths up to 40’ feet
  • Multiple materials & variances

Welding Equipment

Our welding team focuses on high strength, high speed, and repeatability. State-of-the-art automation helps reduce errors and speeds up the production process. Our welding capabilities include:

  • Orbital plasma arc welders up to 10” OD
  • 500 AMP MIG orbital welder up to 24” OD
  • Panasonic specialty robotic welder
  • Certified  welders
  • Exact tolerances and cost savings

Warehousing Capabilities

Our 25,000 square foot, climate-controlled facility acts as an extension of your warehouse – allowing you to store large amounts of material and ship it when you need it.

Warehousing is your solution to supply chain challenges. We employ lean manufacturing and JIT methodologies to ensure your products are shipped on time anywhere in the world.

We can also source and store raw materials for you, including top-quality tubes, bar stock, steel pipe and tubing in a variety of metals.

5-Ton Cranes

ISO-certified 5-Ton cranes move your materials quickly and safely from one process to the next. Cranes help drive our JIT lean production process and keeps our team focused on producing high quality parts.

Cranes are also stationed at every cutting, welding and machining work center, making it easy to stage large amounts of materials and production parts and reducing time spent shipping and receiving product.

Drive-In Bays

Drive-in bays simplify our loading and unloading process by removing driver mistakes before they happen. By removing the risk of backing in, drivers and plant personnel can load and unload safely and in a more timely way.

Drive-in bays combine with our 5-ton cranes to make loading and unloading a quick, headache-free process. Risk is kept to a minimum and our focus can be better spent on material inspection and high-end workmanship. 

Climate Controlled Environment

Our facility is kept at a stable climate to ensure production materials, machines and personnel operate most effectively. By controlling our work environment, we are able to provide material consistency and create conditions that are ideal for superior welding and machining.